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Courageous Living After Loss

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It’s great to meet you.

If this is your first time to my Yoga for Grief site, welcome. I wish we were meeting under different circumstances.  I would prefer to know you for a entirely different, completely wonderful reason. And yet, here we are.






If you are suffering from a recent loss, your pain is so immense, it feels like your world has been turned upside down. In many ways it has. Maybe your world got turned upside down years or even decades ago. Regardless, you are on a spectrum of pain where platitudes like “Time heals all,” or “Everything happens for a reason,” is annoying at best and insulting at worst.

Looking for a place to fully express your grief without being told it’s time to move on? You can come to a Yoga for Grief workshop to share and process your grief in an honest way with other people moving their grief. Sounds scary right? It is, a little. To be that vulnerable and expose the gaping hole in your heart, and meeting other people who are also working through their grief, can be comforting.



Upcoming “Yoga for Grief” Workshops


Yasmin Yoga Loft

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Yasmin Yoga Loft, 377 rue St Paul #200, Montreal, QC


Registration Instructions

  • Visit my MindBody website (opens in new tab).

  • Log onto the website using your email address and password. If you do not already have an account, please create one by filling out the Nouvel utilisateur / New user section.

  • Once you are logged in, click on the Online Store tab, on the far right of the screen.

  • Click on Services.

  • From the drop down menu, select Yoga for Grief Relief.

  • Click on the workshop pricing of your choice. (Early bird pricing before April 1 is 105$, or 152$, which includes a lunch. After April 1, regular pricing is applicable.)

  • At the bottom of the screen, click Payer to complete your purchase. You can use the billing information in your profile, or provide new billing information during checkout.

  • I hope these instructions will work for you – should you have any trouble or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



November, 2016 (Exact Date TBA)



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In the meantime, if you are suffering from recent grief, your pain is immense. The stuff of nightmares. It’s ok if you need to turn away from it at times. Trying to numb your feelings is okay. And when you can, turn towards your pain and be as kind to your pain as you can, whatever that means to you. This community is right here.


Retreat to Costa Rica February 20-26th!




Learn more about the Montezuma yoga retreat with Jennifer Kruidbos HERE. Note the final dates are Feb 20-26!Jennifer Kruidbos Costa Rica Vegan Friendly Yoga Retreat February 2016

Yoga in the Garden

Welcome to Yoga au Jardin. A unique kind of practice combining the art of yoga with the stunning rooftop garden of Montreal’s Santropol Roulant. It’s a summertime experience truly unique to Montreal.

Why Rooftop Yoga at Santropol?

There is a certain commonality between the spiritual element of yoga and the community spirit of an organization like Santropol Roulant. When we combine the practice of yoga with the sustainable element of an urban rooftop garden, we are awarded a unique practice and sense of community that is truly immeasurable.

Students can enjoy the beautiful scenery of a thriving urban garden and the personalized attention that comes with being a part of a small class. The essence of Santropol can be felt in each moment and that’s what makes Yoga in the Garden so spirited.


The program is being offered by two popular Montreal yoga instructors, Jennifer Kruidbos and Justine Romanoff, as part of a community initiative to promote wellness and initiate the health-conscious into the “underground” world of urban agriculture.

They hope to introduce individuals to yoga and help spread the movement for urban agriculture to create healthier communities and a happier city.

Details – When and Where:

Every Saturday from May 24 to October 4 at Santropol Roulant, 111 rue Roy E (corner of Coloniale).

Two 90-minute yoga classes will be held:

Beginner’s Delight:   10 AM – 11:30 AM
Intermediate Bliss:    12 PM – 1:30 PM

Classes are fully bilingual and are held rain or shine because the rooftop is equipped with an indoor section.

Adults can drop in for $18 (students and volunteers for $15) or gear up with a 10 or 20 session pass (student/volunteer rates and early bird available).

What is Santropol Roulant?

Santropol Roulant is a well-known and award-winning community organization based in the Plateau Mont Royal.  It is unique in that it uses food to break social barriers and build bridges between citizens and generations.  Its meals on wheels service provides 80-100 evening meals five days a week to residents of Montreal, most of those being senior citizens who have lost their autonomy. A group of over 100 dedicated volunteers prepare and deliver all meals by foot or bike, making Santropol Roulant a model for other similar programs across Canada.

Get involved at Santropol

We are grateful for this exciting partnership and are excited to integrate a new community of people into this one of a kind space!


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