What we’ll do in Wealth Delight

Grow your nervous system capacity to joyfully receive money

Societal conditioning might have made you feel uncomfortable receiving money, so you have a subconscious resistance to it. We are going to clear that up, so you know in your bones that the joyful, transparent and consensual exchange of money for your services adds goodness to the world.

End every month in the black without feeling deprived

Learn a simple method to track your money, and quick self-hypnosis techniques to ensure your spending aligns with your values, and you don’t sabotage. My clients are amazed how this one step helps them reach their financial goals. 

Meet like minded humans who celebrate your money wins

You can figure out money alone, but it will take longer and is not as fun! The awesome humans inside Wealth Delight are working towards similar goals. They will share their experiences and will cheer you on!

Break up with Retirement Anxiety in 90 days

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s there’s a deep feeling of calm that washes over you when you know you have a tailored financial freedom strategy specifically designed for your unique goals, brain, nervous system and risk comfort level.

You are smart enough to see Dave Ramsey is outdated, shamey and toxic.

You have not yet found a course that teaches practical wealth creation and sales strategy, with strong intersectional feminist values, and goes deep into the subconscious to create rapid lasting change. 

You’ve wanted to get that hot girl money but most courses feel ick and overwhelming.

It’s not you! A lot of the ways people teach money is rooted in these toxic colonial patriarchal patterns that are destroying the planet. 

You want to build wealth that is soothing and simple  to your ADHD HSP brain, honours the cycles of nature.

Hey, friend.

I’ve been a highly sensitive entrepreneur with ADHD for over a decade.

My obsession is seeing you reach your wealth creation, management and investing goals as easily as possible.

I’ve had 6 figure years and days without ever attending business school.

I’m intersectional and highly trained. I wrote my master’s thesis in 2010 on Communication Mechanisms that Enable Thriving Under Stress. I have thousands of hours of coaching under my belt. 

I’ve partnered with the Montreal Children’s Hospital, offering somatic practices to oncology patient families, medical staff and teens with eating disorders.

If you have struggled with money, I can relate:

I’ve been on employment insurance for a year after being fired from my job at L’Oreal.

I’ve been so avoidant with my money that the government froze and emptied my account because of a tax debt. It took me 12 years to pay off my master’s student loan.

I learned my wealth creation skills through pain, and I want you to have an easier time by teaching you what I wish someone would have taught me 20 years ago!

I’ve worked with people barely scraping by and with millionaires. They consistently share how transformational our work is for their money and lives. 

I highly highly recommend working with Jen!! She is kind and compassionate. She is a powerful space holder and coach. 

Working with her helped me to become so much more compassionate and gentle with myself. 

She supported me to hold deeper space for my shadows. She helped me to let go of deep shame that I was carrying around worthiness and money. 

It was so soothing to work with her. My nerves would melt and relax whenever we had our calls and I felt safe to share things. 

Lindsey Muraoka, Intuitive Healer founder, lindseymuraoka.com 

Feeling relaxed and turned on by your bank account and stock portfolio is your birthright.

The wealth divide continues to grow. DEI initiatives are being slashed in the US. Women founders receive less than 2% of investor money. 

And yet, there have never more options for women to grow their wealth. There are more examples of women growing wealth, technology to keep us connected, and new low barrier apps make investing so much easier, even if you only have $100 a month to invest to start with.

The time is now.

Wealth Delight is a personal finance course with practical tips to and a clear step by step strategy, to create, manage and invest money.

It’s also an alchemical transformation inviting you to release decades of shame and trauma that are holding you back.

The main feedback I receive from over 50 1-1 clients is “You helped me earn, save and invest more money, but the work was deeper than I thought. I trust and love myself more!”

Creating wealth doesn’t need to involve abandoning yourself. It gets to be about deepening your humanity, rest and joy.

The biggest benefit I received from working with Jen was separating my net worth from my self-worth. That was huge. Also, you helped me learn to regulate my nervous system using somatic practices. I had heard of somatic work before but never paid enough attention to actually cultivating somatic awareness and instilling practices to regulate my nervous system. That’s been game-changing for me because it keeps me intentional and grounded. When I can emotionally regulate well, I can make better decisions. It was an unexpected benefit I needed.

I came to you about the money mindset, and we definitely tackled that. I’m completely booked out for the next two months, and have made other positive changes in my finances! The work was so much deeper than I thought it was going to be.

I would recommend you to someone who's trying to heal their relationship with money, but also anybody struggling with regulating their nervous system who wants a different approach than talk therapy or CBT work. It really helped me regulate my anxiety in a new and powerful way using my body. I would recommend you to anyone in a similar situation. 

Lisa Di Domenico. M.A., c.o.Counsellor & Coach

Feel what it feels like to have a large amount invested so no matter what is happening in your life, you have money coming in from the interest

Maybe you wanna use that free time to volunteer at an animal sanctuary, write your book from a cabin in the forest, help indigenous folk get their land back, or just enjoy being alive with your friends and family.

Real talk: As you heal your relationship with money, alllllll the ways you shame yourself are going to rise to the surface like a painful pimple.

It won’t be cute.

But it will be temporary.

Throughout the process you'll learn how to be a loving gentle friend to the parts of you that were previously unseen and uncared for. 

Yes your financials are going to shift, but it’s that GLOW people will notice.

The biggest benefit was unblocking my creativity. And removing some subconscious fears. 

I was completely frozen when I met Jen. There was some emotional stuff keeping me stuck. Now I've got better at actually doing the work. That shift has been massive. 

I recommend Jen to someone that wants an empathetic and kind coach. She’s really good at championing other people. Like a cheerleader, but also then teach you to do it for yourself. 

Jen holds a really safe space. It's really nice to just straightaway feel safe to share anything. She’s also absolutely like “Yeah, come on!” Kind of thing, but it didn’t ever feel like she was pushing. Never pushed. Just lots of high fives ;) She could see my potential even in the moments when I couldn’t see it.

Caroline Baber, NLP master practitioner and Certified Life Coach Founder, carolinebaber.com

You were born worthy of being well resourced and relaxed

You’ve seen other people less qualified than you go for it, and experience the ease that comes with living in the overflow of creating and investing money, while making a positive social impact, burning down the patriarchy, and helping people who have been historically excluded rise.

Here’s the breakdown:

ONE: Money Relationship Rewire

You are deeply worthy and deserving of being in a fun, nourishing relationship with money, however lived experiences, societal messaging and cultural trauma, might have taught you otherwise. We rewire your brain’s relationship with money to knowing your wealth is inevitable. No. Matter. What.

This module includes:
  • Understanding your Money Scripts + Embodying wealth
  • Debt Healing Rituals
  • Parts Integration (this alone combined with money work is next level!)
  • Removing shame, finding wisdom
  • Speaking with the spirit of Money
At the end of this module:

You will be able to walk yourself confidently through any financial hurdle that comes your way. You’ll love and trust yourself through the big months and smaller months, and hold the big vision even without evidence it’s here…YET!

TWO: Selling Generosity based Service Ecosystem

A generosity based service product suite allows you to be paid 6 and 7 figures while serving people at every level of income. This module will make you fall in love (again) with sales and marketing as your creative art and service. By the end of the three months, it’s very possible that you’ll double your income, and you’ll be feeling relaxed and nourished. 

This module includes:
  • Your no brainer offer that feels fun and simple to your nervous system
  • Building a generous ecosystem and pathway 
  • Your people love the truest YOU
  • The Four necessary components of Sales
  • Nourishing Pricing
At the end of this module:

You will embody the key mindset shifts and the business frameworks my clients use to get booked out. Customized training and live coaching based on your specific mindset hurdles. Take a look behind the curtains of a successful service-based business. Discover the exact business model I use to scale to consistently sign clients each and every month, and sell offers that light up my soul and bank account.

THREE: Aligned Spending

Shamey diet culture style advice dies inside Wealth Delight. Here we shift FOMO or dopamine chasing spending to values aligned spending. This simple shift puts money back in your pocket and connects your soul to what deeply matters to you. 

This module includes:
  • Tracking + money dates
  • Aligning values with spending
  • Dopamine brain tricks when Scarcity comes up
  • Gamify Paying yourself first.

At the end of this module you will be amazed at how much money you are already putting back in your pocket. When you call the bank or government, you’ll go from feeling like a little kid who’s been sent to principal’s office to feeling calm and powerful. 

FOUR: Women should all be investing

Can we take a moment for the 8th wonder of the world: Compound interest! As Einstein said, if you understand it, you earn it, and if you don’t, you pay it. 

Did you know that statistically women are better long term investors than men? This module gives the foundation to understand investing so your money can start making money TODAY!

This module includes:
  • Five reasons to practice investing in a way that’s safe for your nervous system
  • The 5 myths that hold women back from stock investingStock market 101 (the pros and cons of investing in a stock, bond, mutual fund, index fund or crypto)
  • Ethical investing + FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
  • Five beginner investor mistakes to avoid
  • Setting your investing goal, knowing your risk tolerance, and finally buying your shares!

You will be amazed at how much money you are already putting back in your pocket. When you call the bank or government, you’ll go from feeling like a little kid who’s been sent to principal’s office to feeling calm and powerful. 

The biggest benefit is learning how to be kinder to myself. Now I’m more self aware of my actions and thoughts.

I’d def recommend Jen if you’re looking for someone that will hold space for you in the kindest most supportive way.

I love that she didn’t project her own stuff on me and instead asked me questions so that I can self lead.

Colleen Fernando, Sales Copywriter founder of The Copy Tea www.thecopytea.com

I'm Ready to Experience Wealth with DELIGHT! What's Included:

Rapid Transformation:

20+ potent mini video training (5 to 25 mins each) you can come back and listen to any time you're growing through a new step in your relationship with money. I suggest your start with what calls you, and aim to watch 3-4 per week. 


Ten weekly 75-minute live small group (under 10 people) coaching calls for personalised support on your specific questions & ideas led by Jen. (Will include different time zones so everyone has the opportunity to join live!) 

People Cheering you on:

Private Community: Connect, celebrate, share wins, ask for coaching, receive feedback from Jen and build real human relationships with a group of thoughtful, smart, funny humans with big visions and soft caring hearts. Receive a response within 48 hours Tues - Fri during the 12 weeks. 

Time to

Access to recordings of live group coaching and mini videos for 18 months.

Signal Payment
10 live small group 60 - 90 mins coaching calls with Jen (this is the special sauce)
Recordings of all live coaching posted within 48 hours
Group motivational money co-working sessions
20+ bite sized (5 - 20 mins) on demand videos
Facebook group to celebrate wins, receive coaching and meet your money besties
Access to all recordings for 18 months
Three monthly payments of
10 live small group 60 - 90 mins coaching calls with Jen (this is the special sauce)
Recordings of all live coaching posted within 48 hours
Group motivational money co-working sessions
20+ bite sized (5 - 20 mins) on demand videos
Facebook group to celebrate wins, receive coaching and meet your money besties
Access to all recordings for 18 months

Wealth Delight program + 1-1 with Jen

Everything in Wealth Delight

Six bi-weekly deep dive 45 mins 1-1 strategy sessions with Jen to tailor every aspect of the course curriculum to your brain, nervous system and vision.

Most accessible way to work privately with Jen at a 17% discount on her rate for private sessions.

Opportunity to dive into other dimensions of your wealth creation, managing and investing outside of the curriculum, i.e. specific questions about your practice, marketing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if Wealth Delight is right for me?

Is Wealth Delight a Business course?

Will I get overwhelmed?

Will I make my money back right away if I apply what I learn in Wealth Delight?

Why are you so committed to Wealth Delight now?

I want to do Wealth Delight but GAH, I’m scared!

Do I have to be from the US to take this course?

Is this a hybrid live and on demand recorded video course?

Do I get access to a private Facebook Group Through This Course?

Is the investing part of Wealth Delight for beginners? What can I expect?

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You already give a lot of free content on your podcast, newsletters and IG, how is this different?

Do you offer refunds?

So…who am I and what qualifies me to help you get wet when you look at your bank account, stock portfolio and social impact donations?

Great question!

I’m an amazing coach and business woman. I’ll see your potential and catch the blindspots with laser precision because nothing gives me more joy than seeing you get the results you want.

I’ve supported myself as an entrepreneur for the last ten years offering wellness services in schools, hospitals and offices, and coaching creative humans to build sustainable businesses. 

I founded a tech company which received hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments from accredited investors, and was accepted to the top accelerators Toronto and NYC with a 2%-5% acceptance rate. My company was named one of the 50 fastest growing startups in Canada in 2022 (in an industry where only 1.5% of funding goes to female founders!)

Oh…and did I mention I’m an ADHD highly sensitive person who used to think rich people were greedy and money was evil?

If you have struggled with money I see you. I get you.

I was so avoidant with my taxes that the government froze and emptied my bank account. Whereas now I manage the family budget and investments for my hubby and I (his idea because he was like WHOA when he saw me making money moves!), and make enough every month to cover expenses and have money left over to save, invest, donate and support my new European dream lifestyle which involves lots of walking, naps, pole dance, reading, and obsessively learning more about personal finance!

I understand that if having a loving relationship with money was just about following a budget, and making offers, we would all be millionaires! 

Your relationship with money is impacted by your unique nervous system, brain, lived and ancestral trauma, and culture.

If you were socialised as a woman, you likely believe you are bad with money because the patriarchy LOVES it when you think that.

If you find a lot of the money coaches kind of shamey and gross with their lack of awareness about equity the world, I will be a breath of fresh air. I’m a financial activist and as a white woman, I am constantly innovating how to offer money services that unwind systemic oppression. Growing up seeing my social worker dad help incarcerated people recover from addiction, I have been obsessed with my role in social justice.

I teach personal finance a soul pilgrimage that will change you.

It hits different when you realize:

That your secret fear of out earning your husband is making you act like Cher in Clueless when it comes to money.

Your mom’s voice is in your head telling you you’re too fat/lazy/screwed up to be financially independent

You believe you can have love or money but not both, so you keep getting yourself into debt.

All the feels will come up.

And they are all welcome.

We go deep.

You will look back in 3, 6, 12 months and not BELIEVE how much your skills to create, manage and invest money have grown!

One of my greatest gifts is seeing the HUGE potential in others that they often don’t see in themselves. 

I can’t wait to meet you!